The Flaming Lips
Thurston's, Chicago, IL

AUD --> ? --> CD --> WAV (EAC) --> FLAC (Trader's Little Helper)

*EAC log included

1. Moutainside
2. What's The New Mary Jane [The Moles]
3. Moth in the Incubator
4. Superhumans
5. Halloween on the Barbary Coast
6. Rainin' Babies
7. Take Me To Mars
8. Jets pt 1 (Cupid's Kiss VS the Psyche of Death)
9. Hit me Like You Did The First Time
10. She Don't Use Jelly
11. Let Me Be It
12. Opel [Syd Barrett]
13. Unconsciously Screamin'
14. Devine Hammer [The Breeders]

A really good sounding audience-sourced bootleg, I got this in a trade like ten years ago.
Interesting setlist, with 3 covers and 2 b-sides mixed into their usual 1994 Tour setlist.