Mirage Nightclub
Minneapolis, MN
December 8, 1995
AUD - 9/10

John Bush- V
Scott Ian- G
Frank Bello- B
Paul Crook- G
Charlie Benante- D

Anthrax released their 2nd album with John Bush, "Stomp 442" in the summer of 1995 to critical acclaim and stopped at the mighty Mirage in December of that year. Still riding the wave of critical and fan approval with "Sound of White Noise" 2 years prior, Anthrax saw their lineup changing. Dan Spitz, a founding member of the band, departed after the SOWN tour ended in 1993. His replacement was a session player by the name of Paul Crook.

This was recorded and mastered by me.

Lineage: Sony D7 DAT w/ Sony ECM-909A MS Stereo microphone > SoundEdit16 on Mac G3 > AIFF > Kodak Gold 80 CD-R > WAV > FLAC (using MACFLAC) > WinZip > Megaupload > you.

Artwork is posted below and in the Zip file.

Track List:
01 Random Acts Of Senseless Violence
02 Fueled
03 King Size
04 Got The Time
05 Caught In A Mosh
06 Hy-Pro-Glo
07 In A Zone
08 Room For One More
09 Anti-Social
10 Only
11 In My World
12 Riding Shotgun
13 Protest And Survive
14 I Am The Law
15 She (Kiss cover)
16 Bring The Noise