Flaming Lips
The Double Door
Chicago, IL

Realistic 33-1065 > Sony WMD6C > Cass(1) > cdr> cdwav > soundforge 6.0 > FLAC

Taped By: Phil Thenstedt
Cassette to cdr transfer: Rev. Mike
transfer made using a Sony TC-WE635 tape deck to Hhb burnit 830 stand alone burner

Tracks split using CD wave editor

Fades and other edits done using Soundforge 6.0
tape warble removed from beginning of track 01
fade-in applied to track 01
crossfaded tape flip between tracks 11 and 12
crossfaded tape flip in track 12 (tape warble after crossfade present on source cassette)
fade-out applied to track 18
crowd noise edited from track 15 so this would fit on an 80 min. disc

01 tuning/intro
02 The Abandoned Hospital Ship
03 All that jazz (Echo & the Bunnymen)
04 Unconsciously Screaming
05 Take Meta Mars
06 Placebo Headwound
07 Put the Waterbug in the Policeman's Ear
08 Lightning Strikes the Postman
09 intro to
10 Bad Days
11 She don't Use Jelly
12 Chewin' the Apple of your Eye
13 When you Smile
14 Psychiatric Explorations of the Fetus with Needles
15 exit stage/return to stage
16 Moth in the Incubator
17 Love yer Brain
18 What a Wonderful World

This recording was taped on the above rig to a 100 min. analog, the source cassette for this
transfer came from the estate of Guy Gimbrone. Guy received his copy directly from Phil who
taped this show.

Seeded to bt.etree.org and www.sharingthegroove.org on 2/14/04

This seed is dedicated to the memory of Guy Gimbrone 2/6/68 - 9/9/03, the best friend and
travelling companion I ever had, and the greatest archivist I have ever known.