Foetus 1985-07-08 Leiden

Foetus live @ LVC,Leiden, NL, 1985-07-08

Lineage: Aud -> ?? -> CDR -> CDEx -> wav -> Cool Edit (some small edits) -> wav -> Flac Frontend -> flac
Lossless source checked with TAU Analyzer.
Quality B+.
On the CD the tracks are faded in and out, but with overlapping parts, so I edited it together to one continous show.

A big thanks to Shane for the CDs!
It sounds like Mr Ectopian from Athens recorded this show, a thanks to him too.


01 Anything (Viva!)
02 The Throne of Agony
03 Hot Horse
04 Pigswill
05 DI-1-9026
06 Boxhead

Artwork included.


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