Foo Fighters
FM Radio (Swedish radio P3) ---> Steinberg Wavelab ---> mkw Audio Compression Tool
Taped by Qew.

2002-12-03 Hovet, Stockholm, Sweden
1. Intro
2. All My Life
3. My Hero
4. Generator
5. Learn To Fly
6. For All The Cows
7. The One
8. Low
9. Hey Johnny Park
10. Monkey Wrench
11. Tired Of You
12. Enough Space
13. Breakout
14. Outro

Broadcast omits "Have It All", "Stacked Actors", "Times Like These", "Everlong" and "Aurora". Two songs (Times Like These and Everlong) were broadcasted as part of another concert special a couple of days earlier but this I didn't get a chance to tape.