Live Sala Zeleste, Barcelona,
February 15th. 1996
Ticket included

Aiwa Tape Recorder, with clip mic --> Master tape --> PC -->
CD wave for tracks splitting --> Cool Edit Pro 2.1 for fades in/out and
hiss reduction --> flac (6) FLAC Frontend "AOSB" activated --> YOU

Recording notes:
Location: Center, about 6-7 meters from stage.
Good audience recording

Size: 466 MB compressed (FLAC) , 803 MB uncompressed (WAV)


01. Intro
02. Random acts of senseless violence
03. Fueled
04. Got the Time
05. Caught in the mosh
06. My Pro-Glow
07. In a zone
08. Room for one more
09. Nothing (fade in)
10. Anti-social
11. Only
12. In my world
13. Riding shotgun
14. Protest and survive (vocals by Scott Ian)
15. I'm the law
16. Bring the noise

Do not ever convert this show to mp3 (only for personal use)
Do not sell ever.

If you plan on offering this recording for b&p, vine or freebie please leave this text file as it is.

Please share and trade freely in your own fan base domain.

Hope you all enjoy this recording as much as I do. PLAY IT LOUD!
Please let me know what you think.

Taped, transferred, & edited by fortylicks
Fingerprints included
Released June 22nd., 2008


Thanks and enjoy,