2nd Stage @ New World Music Theatre, Tinley Park, IL (USA)
[Rockstock 1998]
September 12, 1998

Lineage: Sonic Studios DSM6-P mics > Sony D6 > Maxell XL-IIS 100 cassette > Denon 790R > Kenwood A-522 amplifier > Kenwood GE-622 Equalizer > Audacity (boosting/splicing) > wav file > CD Waveditor (track) > flac8
Taper: Steve "ballsdeep" Hagar
Tracker: smores

1. -intro- (Blues Brothers)
2. Crush
3. Fueled
4. Room For One More
5. Inside Out
6. Among The Living > I'm The Man > Caught In A Mosh
7. Got The Time [Joe Jackson]
8. Only
9. Antisocial [Trust]
10. Bring The Noise [Public Enemy] > Cupajoe

bill: (this is from an online source and there is no indication who played main stage vs. second stage) Rammstein/Life of Agony/Kenny Wayne Shepherd/Local H/Anthrax/Monster Magnet/Candlebox/Sevendust/The Black Crowes/Stabbing Westward/Powerman 5000/Joe Satriani/Brian May/Creed

show notes: I remember pounding a 6 pack of Coors Light on the way to the show (around noon, on a 95 degree day), and as we (Mark E, Mikey D, Paul G and myself) pulled into the parking lot, I broke out into a sweat; by the time we parked I bolted from the car and promptly spewed bright orange vomit a good 10 feet from my cakehole. my friends looked at me with dropped jaws, at which point I reached in the backseat for a liquid pork chop, cracked said pork chop open (the end-of-trip budget had me down to a 12 pack of the aforementioned CL), wiped off my mouth with my sleeve, slammed half the can, and said, "Lets party!!!"

this show was just a mess. (and had nothing to do with the midday buzz). it was my last show after 5 Pearl Jam, 2 Allman Brothers and 2 Black Crowes shows in 8 different states; I believe this show was called Rockstock, and the variety of bands playing was pretty diverse (Creed, Rammstein, Joe Satriani (I think), The Black Crowes, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Anthrax, Monster Magnet, Local H, and I'm sure some bands I'm forgetting.) I really only went to see Monster Magnet (never torrented, maybe someday...) and the mighty Anthrax (my only time seeing them). translation: I taped none of the other artists. sadly, I was stuck right in the middle of the pit...which was basically the entire 2nd stage floor area. (i.e.: there really was no way to escape the brutality)

Taped from about 80ft. from the stage, DFC and due to this positioning, there is yelling, screaming, clapping, bumping, jostling, and about a half-dozen 'micro pauses', that I can only assume after-the-fact are from being bumped into in the pit (I wore the D6 on a strap over my left shoulder, where the deck rested on the right side of my lower torso); because of this, I left the cuts in/did not splice, as to preserve the continuity of the music.

overall, this really is a truly pummeling performance (just listen to the bass lines when the crowd intermittently mellows, "Got The Time" and "Antisocial" really stick out), for which the tape only partially conveys doing the proceedings justice. one-hell-of-a thanks to the mechanical Smores for the upload, and you never know what ol' balls will dig out of the vault next...

---ballsdeep OUT!!!