Foo Fighters
Nissan Live Performance 2007

01 The Pretender
02 Long Road To Ruin
03 My Hero
04 Cheer Up Boys, Your Makeup Is Running*
05 Skin And Bones*
06 All My Life*
07 Everlong
08 Home

Source: All files from Digital Cable > DV-R > WAV (Absolute Sound Recorder) > CD (Nero) > FLAC (dB PowerAmp)
except * from webstream > WAV (Absolute Sound Recorder) > CD (Nero) > FLAC (dB PowerAmp)

There are fade ins/outs added by me to segue from commercial breaks and to
smooth out the webstream transitions. The files were normalized before being
burned to CD to try and improve continuity of different sources. The whole
performance never aired on TV, so I had to grab the omitted songs off the
web - there's a noticable difference in sound quality for the webstream tracks.