Foo Fighters
West Hollywood, CA, USA
January 14, 2008

SOURCE: FM radio broadcast (106.7 KROQ FM Pasadena/Los Angeles)
LINEAGE: Recoton FM100 antenna > Gemini TV-Matching Transformer Model CV 70 > Carver FM Stereo Tuner Model TX-11 > shielded RCA to miniplug cable > Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum (line in) > CD Wave 1.94.4 beta (WAV [16/44.1], tracking) > FLAC frontend 1.7.1 (flac 1.1.3)(Verify) > FLAC (lvl 8)
RECORDED BY: Mike J. (slightreturn at gmail dot com) (14 January 2008)

Tracking, Encoding, and Tagging by Mike J. (14 January 2008)


01) introduction [1:32.68]
02) Skin and Bones [4:35.70]
03) My Hero [4:25.10]
04) DJ chatter/outro to commercials [0:13.25]
05) intro/time warp screw-up/cut to commercial [1:21.28]
06) back from commercials [0:24.34]
07) The Pretender [4:41.05]
08) Long Road to Ruin [3:42.16]
09) DJ chatter/outro to commercials [0:10.68]
10) intro/Q&A session #2/outro [10:18.63]
11) intro/continuation of Q&A/Happy Birthday/outro [9:50.26]
12) intro/Times Like These [4:39.19]
13) All My Life [4:13.27]
14) outro [0:07.74]
15) intro/Q&A session #3/outro [7:12.31]
16) intro/Kaki King introduction [2:57.07]
17) Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners [2:36.61]
18) Q&A session #4/outro [5:52.39]
19) intro/chatter [1:44.41]
20) Best of You [4:40.22]
21) thanks and outro [0:18.02]

Overall total: 75:38.61

NOTES: Officially promoted as "Breakfast with the Foo Fighters", this was put on by KROQ as part of an occasional breakfast series by the morning show, Kevin & Bean. It started a little after 8:00 AM PST and ended around 9:45. This was Dave Grohl's 39th birthday. A running joke earlier in the morning was that the Troubadour was called "The Foobadour". During track 5, someone royally screws up on the tech side and they are forced to cut to commercial. During this period was the first Q&A session, none of which seemed to have been broadcast. Lemmy from Motörhead comes out with a birthday cake and sort of leads the crowd in singing Happy Birthday to Dave. Kaki King performs on 'Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners', the second time they have ever performed it live.

My FM reception isn't the greatest, I know. But for the most part it sounds fine. When I was tracking this on my headphones, I didn't hear anything too objectionable in the way of static or noise, so it should be good for general consumption.

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