Foo Fighters
BOK Center
Tulsa, OK

Length: 2 hours 29 minutes

Dual AT829-> Zoom H1 48/24-> CD Wave Editor(track splitting)-> Traders Little Helper(FLAC encoding Level 8)

1. Bridge Burning
2. Rope
3. The Pretender
4. My Hero
5. Banter 'Fish in a Barrel'
6. Learn to Fly
7. White Limo
8. Alandria
9. Breakout
10. 'Band Intro'
11. Cold Day in the Sun (Taylor on Vocals)
12. I'll Stick Around
13. Stacked Actors
14. 'Guitar Duel/Drum Solo'
15. Hey, Johnny Park!
16. Monkey Wrench
17. Let it Die
18. Generator
19. Walk
20. Banter 'Hi Lemmy'
21. Shanke your Blood (Probot Cover with Lemmy)
22. Banter 'It's Getting Kinda Late'
23. This is a Call
24. All My Life

25. Long Road to Ruin (Acoustic)
26. Best of You (Acoustic)
27. Times like These (Acoustic/Electric)
28. Young Man Blues (The Who Cover)
29. Miss the Misery
30. Banter 'An Old Crusty Number'
31. For all the Cows
32. Skin and Bones
33. Tie Your Mother Down (Queen Cover with Taylor on Vocals)
34. Banter 'A Really Good Wedding Band'
35. Everlong

Notes: Quite an amazing show! Biffy Clyro and Motorhead were the supporting acts. For the foo stage setup there was a long walkway through the pit area of the crowd that lead to a platform in the center of the arena. It's easy to see why Foo Fighters sell out arenas all over the world with such an energetic performance after so many years of touring. I'm very satisfied with the audio recording and did not adjust or equalize it in any way.

Please do not sell or re-encode to mp3.