I've been taping shows (stealth!) since 1992, and my only 2 goals have always been:

1. Enjoy the show
2. Get a better recording than the last one

Now, I've not uploaded shit here in a while, since a LOT of my recordings have either
been made into MP3s (resulting in shitty sound + someone else getting the credit) and
some recordings have even been turned into silver CDs and then sold. That pisses me
off. At least give me some money for it! haha!

However, listening through some of the uploads on this site lately it seems 50% of the
new recordings being uploaded here sounds like my first 5 years into recording. Shitty
sound made from shitty position at the show. Why bother to record the show if you KNOW
it will sound like crap? Also, shouldn't the goal be to get as good sound as possible?
Quality gear doesn't cost THAT much - so why not invest in some quality to start with?

Anyway hate me or love me - but I thought I'd share some recent recordings just to
show you how good it can sound if you decide to record something that will be worth to
listen to.

PLEASE - don't BUY live recordings!!! You probably don't buy studio CDs anymore - so
why buy the liveshows?

If you share this anyplace else - please include this message.


Date: 2015-06-12
City, Country: Gothenburg, Sweden
Venue: Ullevi Stadium (outdoors!)
Source: Complete MASTER Audience recording

Taper: Jontebus
Source: AKG CK63 + tinybox + Sony PCM-M10 (24bit/48kHz)
Location: 25-30 meters left PA (far to the left, with almost no crowd)
Mastering: Jontebus
Notes: Volume raised, clapping reduced. Tiny bit of EQ to my own taste. Downsampled to 16bit/44,1kHz.

01 - Intro
02 - Everlong
03 - Monkey wrench (Dave trips and falls off the stage)
04 - Dave Growl breaks his leg
05 - Cold day in the sun (without Dave)
06 - Stay with me (without Dave)
07 - Under pressure (Dave comes out to finish the song)
08 - Learn to fly
09 - Something from nothing
10 - The pretender
11 - Miss you (without Dave)
12 - Tie your mother down (Dave comes out with a cast on his leg and finishes the song)
13 - Band introductions
14 - Congregation
15 - Walk
16 - My hero (acoustic)
17 - Times like these (acoustic)
18 - All my life
19 - These days (great new text in the beginning of the song!)
20 - Outside
21 - Breakout
22 - Big me
23 - Enough space
24 - Generator
25 - Let there be rock
26 - This is a call
27 - Best of you

Length: 02:41:15

Haven't really been listening to Foo Fighters since the first two records in the 90Ős
but thought I'd go and see this show - their biggest in Sweden yet! (55,000 people!)

Little did we all know we were gonna witness something VERY spectacular that either the
band or us in the crowd will ever forget!

You could tell Dave was VERY excited to do this show, in front of 55,000 people in little
Sweden (C'mon - it's not New York with 8 zillion residents!). A lot of screaming and a
lot of moving around and headbanging in the first song. After singing the first verse of
"Monkey Wrench" Dave decided to move to the front of the stage, stage right, but tripped
and fell like 10 feet down in front of the fence. Actually it looked like he hit the
fence and bounced to the ground. I didn't see what happened myself since I was taking a
few photos, but found out afterwards that I actually took a photo just as Dave hit the
fence (look in the torrent to see pictures).

Show stopped and there was a lot of confusion: Dave than told the audience that he thought
his leg was broken and that they would come back. He didn't say when. After a few minutes
the rest of the band came out and said they'd do a few cover songs and not just leave.
After two songs it seemed Dave would come back, and he did - on a stretcher and then he
was put on a chair, having a Swedish doctor holding his foot since he wasn't allowed to
move it. They sat like that for a couple of songs, then the cast arrived from the hospital
and Dave disappeared again for a while to have the cast put on his leg.

After that he sat on the chair for the rest of the show, without a doctor (except for the
two acoustic songs performed at the very front of the extended catwalk) when he was standing
with help of crutches.

Dave sang "These days" with different lyrics (about his broken leg) which was fun and the
show lasted for just over 2 hours and 40 minutes :)

Wasn't too sure if I would share this show - but since it hasn't surfaced yet from another
source - HERE IT IS!!! If some A**HOLE decides to to a silver bootleg from this - be sure
to send me a few copies for free, it's the least you could do!


I've seen several of my recordings being made into CDs and then SOLD. Not that I can
do anything about it - but please:

1 - I paid good money for the recording gear (a LOT with the new gear)
2 - I paid for the ticket
3 - I stood silent during the whole show
4 - I took the time and effort to upload it here
5 - PLEASE don't be an asshole and take the credit

Other than that: You don't wanna miss this!!!

Please support the band and visit Foo Fighters at: www.foofighters.com

*** PLEASE do NOT convert to MP3 and share!! SHARE THIS RECORDING THE WAY IT IS!!!! ***
*** NOT for sale, Free trade ONLY!!! ***
*** PLEASE do NOT re-master this recording and share (for personal use is ok!) ***

and yes YOU'RE WELCOME !!!