Frank Black
Commodore Theatre, Vancouver (1996-04-23)

Lineage: FM > cd-r (unknown gen) > EAC v1.0 prebeta 3 (Secure Mode) > flac > you

01. The Marsist
02. Big Red
03. Brackish Boy
04. Dance War
05. Men In Black
06. Superabound
07. Headache
08. Two Reelers
09. Freedom Rock
10. Los Angeles (aborted)
11. Czar
12. (I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain
13. Calistan
14. Ten Percenter
15. Jesus Was Right

Note: Missing 2 tracks from previously shared bootleg version (White Noise Maker & Los Angeles).
This copy is straight off the FM broadcast as there are a couple of station ID's broadcast, but nothing particularly intrusive. The bootleg version did not contain these station ID's, but sound was not as crisp and clear as this version. Dont think it is the entire broadcast as it cuts abruptly 5 seconds into White Noise Maker. A pity cause it's a stomping show and recording.
Tracking is off a little - often new track begins with few seconds of previous song still playing.

My copy came as part of a very extensive (100+ cd's) collection of Frank Black and Pixies recordings I acquired from a long-time collector. Most of the stuff has not seen much circulation, and I will endeavor to get through some/most of it in time.

einzack (2014-10-20)