Frank Zappa
Rhein-Neckar-Halle, Heidelberg-Eppelheim, Germany
February - 24 - 1978

Remaster of an audience recording downloaded from Zappateers website, taped by: unknown, transferred by: Drew51, edited by: flambay, 136.53 min, Aud, B+ (parts overmodulated)

Info from original torrent:


Source: Unknown generation audience tape

Maxell XLII Cassette>Sony TC-WE8258 cassette deck
>Gina20>Sound Forge 7.0 (record/edits)>FLAC Level 8>wav
> Soundforge 5: speed correction, volume and phase offset adjusted, tracking
> flac FFE lvl7 w/SBA (853 MB)

Frank Zappa's Band, September 1977 - February 1978:
FZ, Adrian Belew, Patrick O'Hearn, Terry Bozzio, Ed Mann, Tommy Mars, Peter Wolf.

Set list:

01 Purple Lagoon Intro [1:57]
02 Dancin Fool [4:00]
03 Peaches En Regalia [2:37]
04 The Torture Never Stops [15:15]
05 Tryin To Grow A Chin [3:39]
06 City Of Tiny Lights [7:26]
07 Baby Snakes [1:56]
08 Pound For A Brown [14:07] tf/cut during P.Wolf solo at 4:58
09 "I'm In You" Rap [6:32]
10 I Have Been In You [5:17]
11 Flakes [7:33]
12 Broken Hearts Are For Assholes [3:59]
13 King Kong [11:23] tf/cut at 9:30
14 Wild Love [7:32]
15 Yo Mama (incl.A Solo From Heidelberg, TGWATFZ) [12:09]
16 Titties n Beer [5:27]
17 Disco Boy [5:01] cut in applause to encore, no music missing
18 Dinah-Moe Humm [5:13]
19 Camarillo Brillo [3:37]
20 Muffin Man [5:16] cut in applause to final encore, no music missing
21 Watermelon In Easter Hay (FZPTMOFZ) [6:48]

Total time 136.53 min

Notes: no fills available to cuts

Credits: thanks to the unknown taper

2008 03 21 - Drew ZRP Archives

Enjoy !!

-- Drew51 & flambay


Remaster made by me:
original flac files -> Magix Audio & Music Lab -> edit/remaster -> dime
Vg+/Ex- sound after some EQ was done. overall a very nice recording but with some bass distortion.

I have some nice memories from this gig but I had to overcome some hurdles to get there. On my way to the concert I had a car crash. Well I was not resposible for this but my car was totally damaged. Nevertheless I managed to get to a friend living nearby and together we went to the concert.
I was very happy to find this great recording of the gig some years ago and I decided to improve it even a bit by doing a remaster. So here it is.
I made some artwork which is attached here as well as a copy of the ticket stub.

Support the artists, go to their shows (sadly not possible anymore), buy their albums.
Do not convert to lossy files, unless for personal use. Don't ever sell!

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