Mississippi Fred McDowell
Tacoma, WA

Disc 1 (Set 1)
Fred McDowell with his voice,guitar & footstomping
1 fades in/Good Morning little Schoolgirl
2 Louise
3 John Henry
4 My Babe
5 I woke up this Morning (?)
6 (Glory, Glory, Halelujah)When I lay my Burden down
7 Jesus on the Mainline
8 You got to move
9 Worried Blues
10 Babym take my rest

Disc 2 (Set 2)
Fred McDowell w/unknown upright Bass player & unknown 2nd guitar player
1 Mojo Hand (Fred Mc Dowell solo)
2 fades in/I feel so bad +
3 Fast Instr. +
4 Lord I wonder what I have done wrong+
5 Cocomo Blues
7 By Bye little Girl (level/channel change in song)
8 Someday Baby
9 61 Highway
10 Oh, thatīs allright
11 Fast Instrumental
12 I wonder what I have had done wrong
13 Slide guitar Instr.

+ Mono

Nice stereo sbd recording of one of the great men in Country Blues!
Production Tape - Reel -Reel -Pioneer RDR 05 CD recorder -CDR - EAC -Shn

This is a great performance with 4 encores closing the 2nd set!
The first set sounds great! The second set has a little too much upright bass in the mix.
but still sounds nice!

Help for a better setlist always welcome!