Freddie King
Ultrasonic Studios,
Hempstead, NY
(Reworked & Speed Corrected)
It's an upgrade of the torrent seeded here:
This show running too slow,I done 1 Semitone correction with Sound Forge.

Thank you very much to Jim "JimmyP9" for his help to correct it.

Excellent Broadcast of FK in the 70's.

I retracked some tracks with Sound Forge and Sbe's aligned with TLH.

The sound is very good but there's some little distorsion due to the high level recording.
Track 1 has a little speed problem on the beginin.


1. DJ Intro > Big Legged Woman
2. Woman Across the River
3. Look On Yonder Wall
4. Band Intros > Ain't No Sunshine
5. Hey Baby
6. Instrumental(?)
7. Stormy Monday Blues >Little Bluebird
8. Let The Good Times Roll
9. Going Down > DJ Outro

Line Up:
Freddie King - guitar, vocal
Lewis Stevens - piano
Deacon Jones - organ
Floyd Bonner - guitar
Charlie Robinson - drums
Bennie King - bass
It's a reseed from May 2005.
Thanks for the original uploader.