Here's a special treat for all of you FK fans. It's a real nice sounding soundboard recording I received in a cassette trade a long time ago. It did run extremely fast, so hopefully I have that corrected properly. The show itself seems to be partial recordings of two different sets, but just a dynamite, high energy performance by Freddie throughout - as I said, its a nice treat. Sample included.

And, AS ALWAYS, if anyone has an upgrade to this version, please share with us all. I thank you.

***** 44 khz / 16 bit version ***** (CD version)

Freddie King
April 15, 1975 (1975-04-15)
Cain's Ballroom
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Set 1

01.[11:57] cut // Sweet Home Chicago > Hey Baby > Palace Of The King
02.[06:35] Please Accept My Love > Jam
03.[08:18] Shake Your Booty
04.[05:27] Hideaway > Mojo Boogie

Set 2

05.[07:34] Freddie intro > Big Legged Woman
06.[07:46] Hey Baby > TV Mama
07.[07:46] Look On Yonder Wall
08.[05:27] Woman Across The River
09.[05:34] San-Ho-Zay
10.[01:40] Drums
11.[13:57] Have You Ever Loved a Woman > Rock Me, Baby
12.[05:42] Going Down // cut

Total 1:27:43

Lineage: SBD > ? > cassette trade circa 1990

Transfer: EAC > Flac (level 8) > you !