San Francisco, CA

Paul Rodgers-vox
Andy Fraser-Bass
Paul Kossoff-guitar
Simon Kirke-drums

Source- cd trade, which seems to be soundboard quality> TLH for Torrent creation> DIME

The Hunter
Truble On Double Time
I'm A Mover
Unidentified Blues
Song Of Yesterday

Tried to upload a few Free torrents a couple of days ago, when there seemed to be a bit of an Andy Fraser tribute happening. My last torrent wound up getting banned when I didn't realize the existence of a commercially available dvd. Sorry to anyone that was affected by that.
I'm trying to make up for that now, with a short set that purportedly came from Free's support slot opening for Blind Faith in the US during the summer of 1969.This has surely been on DIME before, but it's not here now and offers another chance to hear the band in their early days.
If there's any interest in more from them and Andy, I'll seed the Sharks BBC In Concert show that I got here on DIME a while back. I also might seed a Free show or 2 from 1970 (Aachen and/or Vienna) because neither is currently up here, and both sound pretty good for that timeframe. Leave a mention in the comments if you want any of those put up.

Let's continue to celebrate and share the wonderful music these guys left behind.
Thanks to whoever recorded this in the first place.
Please do support the great artists here and their heirs by purchasing their commercially released material, and by seeing those of them still with us when they play live.