Hi everyone,
This is the first one of these I've attempted and this has been brought about by the amount of FREE and Paul Rodgers torrents that have been seeded recently.
Most of the stuff seeded, I already have, but it's the time/effort that has gone into the sharing of this material that has impressed me. Anyway, I've not seen this particular show featured previously, so I hope it's a first and if so, enjoy.

I can't take any credit for the recording, I just bought it on Ebay from a guy in Canada a while ago.


Filmore West, SF, USA - 16th January 1971

[This may fill in a couple of gaps from the debate around the "Syndrome" seed a couple of days back].


1. Songs of Yesterda
2. All Right Now
3. Stealer
4. Heavy Load
5. My Brother Jake
6. The Highway Song

Anyway, I hope this works and I hope all you FREE fanatics out there enjoy it.