Sheffield City Hall
02.03.72 - Sheffield, England

Paul Rodgers-vocals
Andy Fraser-bass, piano
Paul Kossoff- guitar
Simon Kirke-drums

Source- cd-r trade of a long ago recording on unknown equipment> EAC disc extraction> TLH Wav to flac formatting> TLH torrent creation> DIME

Sound Quality: B+

Disc 1:
1. Travellin' Man (4:15)
2. Ride On A Pony (4:42)
3. Lady (4:18)
4. Be My Friend (6:03)
5. Fire And Water (4:28)
6. Mr. Big (6:36)
7. The Highway Song (5:25)
8. Hold On (5:32)

Disc 2:
1. Heavy Load (5:59)
2. My Brother Jake (2:53)
3. Soldier Boy (3:09)
4. The Hunter (5:46)
5. Songs Of Yesterday (4:07)
6. All Right Now (6:17)
7. Crossroads (6:55)
8. I'm A Mover (4:05)
9. Catch A Train (3:46)

Here's a generally uncirculated show from Free during the UK leg of the Free At Last tour.For the time period, and equipment used to record the show, it's a good listen. The trader who sent it to me rated it as having B+ sound. Having heard a lot of Free boots, it's a really good B+ and has clear, good sound throughout. If you know the Free story, you'll know that Kossoff was in pretty bad shape at this point, and that the At Last album and tour were something of an attempt to help him get it together. He's occasionally a bit out of tune, and hits a few clams here and there, but it doesn't detract from the energy of the band and the overall performance.
This features a pretty rare song in Lady, which Rodgers identifies as something new that they're giving a try. It pops up on a few of the UK 1972 boots, as it does here with Andy Fraser on bass and then again on some Japan shows with Tetsu on bass from later that year. Seems they didn't play it during the US shows from late Spring of that year. It also includes Hold On from the Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu, and Rabbit album.Hearing Rodgers sing this is obviously an upgrade from the album version.
Thanks to the original taper, the person who generously made it available to me, and to the performers. Please support any of these musicians who are still in the land of the living by paying to see them play and by purchasing their commercially available material.