Well, I'm finally getting around to digitizing my 700+ cassettes (at my wife's insistence--she wants them out of the house), so I'm going to start posting some goodies here. I taped many a show in the Toronto area from the late '80's to the late '90's, and also recorded a lot of radio broadcasts, mostly from CFNY, 102.1 in Toronto. Hope you stumble across something you like, or even a show you were at!

addendum: I have had many comments about the fate of my tapes, so for those worried about them...the masters I am boxing up and storing in my parents' basement. The others (mixed tapes, recorded LP's, etc) are getting tossed. My wife is not evil or insensitive--we live in a small place, and the many boxes were getting in the way. This is something I'VE wanted to do for awhile, as well. She just gave me the push. Oh, and she doesn't have shelves of makeup, or hundreds of shoes, no matter what stereotypes you care to buy in to. Her comic collection, however....

Fugazi--The Loft, Guelph, ON, Canada, Sept. 30, 1989

Great show in a fairly small upstairs space. I believe this was Fugazi's first Canadian appearance. We came in from out of town, and I remember getting some weird looks when the car emptied, because it was a cross-section of counter cultures. There was me, looking like your average rock guy (long hair, leather jacket); a Mod; a Skinhead; and a cute punk girl with a big mohawk. It's the music that unites us!
Friendliest mosh pit I have ever been in. Oh, and as you can probably tell by the between song chatter, my friend Mike really wanted to join us, but had family obligations to attend to. The last track is me getting Guy from Fugazi to say hi to him.

Lineage: aud master from Sony WM-F17 cassette deck>M audio sound card>wav>flac editing with CDWav

Track Listing:
01. intro
02. Joe #1
03. And the Same
04. Greed
05. Sieve-Fisted Find
06. Margin Walker
07. Song #1
08. Bad Mouth
09. Bulldog Front
10. Burning
11. Shut the Door
12. Turnover
13. Waiting Room
14. Lockdown
15. Suggestion
16. Give Me the Cure
17. encore break
18. Burning Too
19. Glue Man
20. Guy's message to Mike


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