Gang of Four
September 9,1979

Sbd > Low Gen Cass > Flac > Wav >Audacity > TLH >Flac

01. I Found That Essence Rare
02. 5:45
03. Natural's Not In It
04. Not Great Men
05. Contract
06. Anthrax
07. At Home He's a Tourist
08. Ether
09. Return the Gift
10. Armalite Rifle
11. Roseanne (Mekons cover)
12. Damaged Goods

Mods Done:
I balanced the channels as one was really low and I found little gaps between most of the tracks that I removed, there was also some overlapsin the audio where the gaps were,so I edited them out. Hope I didnt miss any of them. I didn't do any EQing as this sounds great already. Also this has 12 tracks as Return the Gift & Armalite were 1 track(#9) on Jelliots verion.

Thanks to Jelliot for the recording and seeding this. Thanks to Acetboy for seeding his audience master or 1st gen(now the master) of his recording of this show too, so now we got the venue and city straighten out now and thanks to the crowd member for yelling out "Welcome to Chicacgo"(after the band says their van was broke into) on the aud version so we know for sure this is a Chicago show. This has been listed as NYC on a lot of traders lists over the years, I got 2-3 cassettes of this show over the years in trades and I've gotten this show listed as both NYC and Chicago on different tapes.


Jelliot & Creatured