Gang of Four - Southampton University - 14th Nov 1979
Linage:-Toshiba GhettoBlaster> TDK D C90 > Nakamichi CR-3E> slight EQ Normalise in Bias Peak> FLAC 8

Recorded transferred and seeded by Duncan

I saw the Go4 twice in 79. Two of the best gigs I saw in this period, a great band.
If you haven't got there first album Entertainment! you're an idiot.

Not as good as the Bournemouth gig I seeded a while back but still good

Track listing:

01 Essence Rare
02 5:45
03 Love Like Anthrax
04 It's her Factory
05 Blood free
06 Contract
07 Damaged Goods
08 Not Great Men
09 Natural's not in it
10 At Home He's a Tourist
11 Return the Gift
12 Ether
13 Armalite Rifle
14 Rose Anne
15 Glass
16 Can't Stand My Baby