Gang of Four
Early 1979
unknown venue & city,

This is a reseed/remaster although I got mine from a trade, but this was seeded on Dime
February 20, 2006 and was on the tracker for 125 days and snatched 353 times, so I figured some people who joined after this was removed might enjoi this. This is a really nice quality recording, but it did have some problems, so I tried my best to fix them. There were some channel dropouts and a few other things I did that I cannot remember as I did this work about 1 year ago and trying to go that far back into my hard drive is a strain on my processor!?"! A few parts are still rough, but hopefully this is a better listen.

Anyways, here is the original info text:

A new torrent has been uploaded to DIME.

Torrent: 83216
Title: Gang of Four UK 1979
Size: 254.17 MB
Category: Punk
Uploaded by: ReturnGift

This is a soundboard recording from early 1979. Date and location are unknown I
only know that this is a show from the UK. It must be early 1979 because the
band played some songs which were not on the setlists late 1979 in the USA.
The lineage must be near the master.

1 I Found That Essence Rare
2 5.45
3 Anthrax
4 Elevator
5 Hold up my Weekend
6 Armalite Rifle
7 It's her Factory
8 Glass
9 Damaged goods
10 Ether
11 At Home He`s A Tourist
12 Retun the Gift


Original Seed Feb.20,2006


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