Gang of Four
June 30, 1981
Second Chance Saloon,
Ann Arbor,

Thanks to Foxtrotter for this and the other great recordings!

This one is killer show & quality. I know a 2nd gen of this has
been seeded before,which I think is from my 2nd gen tape that came
from Foxtrotters originally.

WCBN-FM Ann Arbor rebroadcast in 1990ish

FM>cass master>Azimuth>Audacity>Normalized>TLH>Flac>Dime>You>?

01. Paralyzed
02. Our Republic
03. Not Great Men
04. Capitol (It Fails Us Now)
05. Why Theory?
06. Return The Gift
07. Cheeseburger
08. Hole In The Wallet
09. What We All Want
10. Natural's Not In Ti
11. He'd Send In THe Army
12. To Hell With Poverty
13. It's Her Factory
14. Ether

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2nd Seed: November 28th, 2010