Gang of Four, The Concert Hall, Toronto, October 1983


We Live As We Dream, Alone
I Love A Man In A Uniform
A Man With A Good Car
I Will Be A Good Boy
The History Of The World
Call Me Up
What We All Want
Is It Love
I Fled

cda>wav>flac 5

This is a very good quality recording. Unfortunately I have very little information,
but when I first weeded this on NOOL, Lammah analysed it and commented as follows:
"The month was October, but no date given. Supposed to be a soundboard and is rated A+".

I have checked all the official releases and none of the tracks from this gig appear as an
official release anywhere. The only 1983 tracks officially released have been taken from the
Rockpalast gig in March 1983. Information doublechecked against the information on