Gang Of Four
The Assembly
Leamington Spa
25th September 2009

Lineage: Church Audio STC-11 mics>Microphone Madness MM-CBM-MINI Battery Box>iRiver iHP-120 (Rockboxed)

Transfer: iRiver iHP-120> usb > wav > Soundforge 8.0 (Amplify, Fade-in/fade-out)>CD Wave (Track splits)>FLAC


2.Return The Gift
3.Not Great Men
5.We Live As We Dream Alone
6.I Parade Myself
7.What We All Want
11.At Home He's A Tourist
13.I Love A Man In A Uniform
14.Not Great Men
15.Damaged Goods
16.Encore Break
18.I Found The Essence Rare
19.Encore Break
20.He'd Send In The Army
21.To Hell With Poverty


15 feet from stage, level with left side.


After a few problems with my mics at recent gigs, I managed to get a decent recording here by standing perfectly still
so as not to disturb the dodgy connection. Its not something that was easy to do, as the band were on fire - about 28
years since I last saw them (at their last gig at Hammersmith) and they still put everything into it.

The show was great, lighting and sound were brilliant and the crowd were top notch - I reckon 500+ and they got a great
reception which they seemed dead chuffed with.

Some photos from my mate Vault63 included. Thanks to him for driving so I could have a couple of beers.

I also taped this with my back up rig Sony ECM-719>iriver iHP120, in case I had problems again with the main rig,
which I will sort sometime as well and stick up. Its not as good as this one, but it seems a shame after going to
the trouble to tape it not to do something with it.