Great White
Rockline Concert
Los Angeles, CA
6 May 2009

Scott Snyder
Audie Desbrow
Mark Kendall
Michael Lardie
Jack Russell

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Total Playing Time (69:06)

01) Interview
02) Situation
03) Encore ? from Ronnie James Dio
04) Interview
05) Comments from BC

06) Can't Shake It
07) Rock Me
08) Situation
09) Comments from BC
10) Rolling Stoned
11) Technical Difficulties
12) All Or Nothing
13) Wish You Were Here
14) Comments from BC
15) Face The Day
16) Once Bitten Twice Shy

17) Interview
18) Closing Credits


Great White appears on this edition of Rockline to promote their lastest release, "Rising" and to perform live in the Rockline Studios.

So as to not violate DIME policy, all album tracks have been removed. Track 2 only contain introductory and/or closing comments about the track.