Arcade Fire
Electric Picnic Festival
Stradbally Hall,Stradbally
09/04/2005 (4th of september)


Source: Digital Broadcast
Lineage: Digital Radio (RTE 2FM @ 192kbps) > VHS > Stand-Alone CDR Burner > CD > Wav > Flac Level 8

01. Haiti
02. Headlights Look Like Diamonds
03. Crown Of Love
04. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
05. Une Année Sans Lumière
06. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
07. Rebellion (Lies)

Incomplete set,complete broadcast.There is a 40 seconds break at the end of Crown Of Love.It goes into the beginning of Tunnels,so the beginning of Tunnels is missing.About 20 seconds of the song.It appears that the silence is none of my fault,having heard another version of this show (also digital Fm sourced).

I receive RTE 2FM via digital satelite.They broadcast at 192kbps.I think this recording fits Dime's rules.
I do not have terrestrial FM (living in France) so I have no way of capturing the original FM stream,hence my recording coming out as flacs.
I'd be OK to remove this torrent as soon as anyone comes with a proper FM.