The Arcade Fire
CMJ Summerstage
Central Park, New York, NY
September 15, 2005

Source: At831s > Sony MD MZ-NH900 > Soundforge 8.0 > cdWave 1.94 > flac Frontend
Location: 30 feet stage left. Mics at ~6 feet (on cap)
Taper: D.Wong (

*Please DO NOT encode to mp3 format! This is for personal use and is not meant for commercial sale!*

Disc One:

01: Intro
02: Neighborhoods #1 (Tunnels)
03: Crown of Love
04: Neighborhoods #2 (Laika)
05: No Cars Go
06: Haiti
07: Headlights Look Like Diamonds
08: I’m Sleeping In A Submarine
09: Vampire/Forest Fires
10: In the Backseat
11: Neighborhoods #3 (Power Out)
12: Rebellion (Lies)
13: Encore Break
14: Queen Bitch*$
15: Wake Up*

Total: 73:30

$ - David Bowie Cover
* - with David Bowie

Notes: This is my VERY first recording. Considering the fact that I received no help in any steps,
I’ll admit that it’s probably a rough recording. Also consider the fact that the show was taped on
my cap and that the acoustics were very bad (as evidenced by the audience yells for “Turn it up!”).
Any feedback and help would be greatly appreciated.