Arcade Fire Théatre Granada, Sherbrooke, Quebec

June 8 2010 (2nd of two small warm-up gigs)

The taper: le Grand Meaulnes.

The gears: Creative JB3 recorder at 44 khz, Sound-Pro Mics, battery box set at 107hz bass roll-off. Normalized in SoundForge, split with CDWave, FLAC level 8.

01-Ready to Start
02-Month of May
03-No Cars Go
06-City with no Children
08-The Suburbs
09-Suburban War
10-We Used To Wait
11-Power Out
Encore 1
13-Modern Man
14-Keep the Car Running
Encore 2

We left right after work in Montreal. Arrived in Sherbrooke 8:30pm…Rolled some solid joints. Drank lots of beer (Sherbrooke is a college town) and had a hell of a good time. I liked this show even better than their run at Montreal’s Ukrainian federation three years ago.

Great concert, band in a fantastic mood, and some incredible new songs. I think Rococo will be a classic.

Anyone care to make a neat artwork set?

Thanks to my travel buddies Mike, Martin and Ugo.