Human Sexual Response
WMFO Studios
(Tufts University radio)
Medford, Mass.
April 18, 1979

Larry Bangor, Casey Cameron, Dini Lamot, Windle Davis: vocals
Rich Gilbert: guitar
Rolfe Anderson: bass
Malcolm Travis: drums

from FM master cassettes (recorded over the air)

Transferred by glasnostrd19

Length: 92:33

first set and interviews 52:06
01: Jackie Onassis 3:45
02: marone moan 3:47
03: thick shake 2:49
04: double eyes 3:41
05: Dick And Jane 3:38
06: the story of Hector and Lynne 4:47
07: what does sex mean to me? 4:47
08: Andy fell 4:13
09: interview (fundraising, end of 1st set, introductions & places played, some more fundraising,
musical evolution & influences) 12:56
10: interview :46
11: interview (current and future plans) 6:51

second set 40:27
12: plain brown wrapper 3:56
13: beauty brigade 5:29
14: one through ten 4:12
15: Anne Frank story 5:59
16: butt fuck 4:11
17: rebel rebel 3:24
18: love and blood 6:44
19: I want to be your cow 4:40
19: (DJ Closing Comments) 1:48

This show was posted from phil183 which was from a different source of the following lineage.
Lineage: Analog Cassette (Unknown Generation) > Yamaha KX-500U > Audacity (16 bit/44.1 kHz) >
AIFF > xACT (fix SBE) > FLAC (Level 8).
that recording is missing the story of Hector and Lynne, (a poem that was read as a
lead-in to "what does sex..."), and "I want to be your cow" (the encore.)
mostly during track 9, the band played some of their favorite records (not live perf.)
there were "every breath I take", as played by Gene Pitney and written by Carole King
(not Sting), Size by DNA, and a song by Bobby Vee, the night has a thousand eyes.
All of those songs have been removed from both this post and my own copy of this recording.
So you hear them introducing these songs, but not the 3 songs which are official released
versions. All the songs in here are live performances. I did not record or hear this broadcast
when it happened, but have a master tape (not posted before) of this show and this sounds
like it is complete except maybe a second or two missed of beginning of last song. the
taper must have thought the concert was over. But after all this, he still managed to get
the last one. Thanks to JD (not Drew, of Red Sox, different JD) for making this recording.
It's barely been played and has survived the years pretty well, well enough to tell that
this wasn't a later 80's broadcast on a megawatt station. It's hardly a pristine quality
broadcast, or recording, but it may be the best one available, and definitely good enough
to need to say
Do not sell this recording.
(selling HSR isn't just a copyright violation, it's prostitution).
Share freely, losslessly, humanely and gaplessly.