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This show is fire and a must have for any JB fan!

The files of this show that usually circulate are the wrong speed/pitch. This restores them to their correct speed.
The horns can sometimes be a bit too loud and JB's mic is too quiet for about the first minute of the show, but all in all this is a solid SBD and very enjoyable.
The recording is incomplete. Judging by the Hard Rock Cafe show recorded around the same time, this show would have gone on for at least another 10 minutes.
The date for this is either February or March and the location is possibly Lausanne.

01 Introduction
02 Get On The Good Foot
03 Soul Power
04 Escape-ism
05 Make It Funky
06 Bewildered
07 Super Bad
08 Try Me
09 Hot Pants
10 Sex Machine
11 I Got A Bag Of My Own
12 It's A Man's World
13 Please, Please, Please
14 I Can't Stand Myself (When You Touch Me)
15 Cold Sweat (incomplete)

Runtime: 49:07