James Brown
Brixton Academy
(JB performed at Brixton Academy on 24th and 25th June. It was not
announced during the broadcast which of these 2 shows was the source
for this recording).

Broadcast date was 1988-08-06

SB > (recorded, not live) > BBC Radio 1 FM broadcast >
unknown tuner > Aiwa F770 > cassette master >
Cassette playback on Pioneer CT-S550S with azimuth correction >
Sony JE530 A/D (44.1k) > Nomad JB3 > .wav > Adobe Audition > .wav >
CDWAV > FLAC frontend > .flac files

Note: The Sony JE530 is a minidisc recorder, however
a pure digital output is available when using it as a
"passthrough" device. Therefore, despite the presence
of a minidisc device in this lineage there is no MD/
ATRAC compression.

1. Intro 2:15
2. Turn Me Loose 1:40
3. Living In America 5:27
4. Make It Funky 3:34
5. How Do You Stop 4:29
6. Papa's Got A Brand New Bag 1:10
7. I Feel Good 2:17
8. Please Please Please 1:53
9. Sex Machine 5:59
Total Time : [28:43]

Left channel (no change)
Right channel +1db

Slight fade at the end (to eliminate DJ outro).