Arcade Fire
Belsonic, Ormeau Park, Belfast. June 13 2017


01 Everything Now Slow [Prerecorded] [1:58]
02 Everything Now [5:03]
03 Haïti [5:00]
04 Here Comes the Night Time [6:54]
05 No Cars Go [6:10]
06 Windowsill [5:04]
07 Neon Bible [2:44]
08 Suburban War [5:01]
09 The Suburbs > The Suburbs (Continued) [6:58]
10 Ready to Start [4:33]
11 Reflektor [7:10]
12 Afterlife [5:32]
13 Signs of Life [4:52]
14 Creature Comfort [5:10]
15 Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) [6:54]
16 Rebellion (Lies) [5:15]
17 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) [7:38]

18 Wake Up [7:23]

{Total Running Time: 1:39:20}


Tech spec:
Captured by: Historical Field Recording Unit

Recorded on Sony Linear PCM Recorder PCM-M10
Original files recorded at 96.00kHz/24bit (.wav)

Track separation done in Audacity 2.1.3 (saved as .wav)
SBE correction, .md5 file created etc., done in Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0 (Build 172)
Tags updated in MP3tag 2.82

Where presented in MP3, file conversion done from .WAV files in Freemake Audio Convertor

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I’m pretty odd. I get it. I’m an adult that sneaks recording equipment into concerts to preserve fleeting moments of audio to share with strangers so they can listen and enjoy it too. To be fair, I’m pretty weird in loads of other ways, but that’s beyond the remit of this piece. One way that I know I’m somewhat unusual is that I don’t regard concerts as a social occasion. For me, it’s about a direct personal engagement with the music – I’m there just to listen to the music performed by these musicians … and to surreptitiously record it. I dislike being at a concert with other people and the attendant pressure to communicate with them, rather than concentrate on the music. I probably drink too much alcohol, but I never drink at concerts – again, it distracts from my experience and places an unnecessary barrier between me and the music. I’m not, however, so far off on my own plane of existence that I am unable to acknowledge that there are other ways of enjoying these events – ones that do include some form of shared personal experience and enjoying a pint (or several) of over-priced, tasteless beer. What I just can’t get my head around are the people who go to concerts and then spend the entire time talking through it. These are not cheap events to go to, and yet these people feel the need to yatter on with their pointless drivel to their equally moronic acquaintances. It’s not simply discourteous to the musicians, but an affront to those of us who derive our enjoyment from the music and musicianship. I’m not suggesting that the oxygen thieves who can be heard on parts of this recording should be subject to capital punishment, but it’s hard not to be lured by the temptation of some form of sanction where the gene pool is protected from having these people successfully breed. Or you could just take the view that crowd noise is one of the realities of attending concerts and merely enhances these rough field recordings, rather than detracting from them. For all that, the second half of this recording (basically, from The Suburbs onwards) suffers from crowd noise to one degree or another, with the chatter on Signs of Life, Creature Comfort, and Wake Up being notably egregious.


Win Butler
Régine Chassagne
Richard Reed Parry
William Butler
Tim Kingsbury
Sarah Neufeld
Jeremy Gara

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