Jane's Addiction
Montezuma Hall
San Diego State University
San Diego, California
May 1st, 1989

Audience Recording
Source: Silver CD 'Amok'

01. Up The Beach
02. Mountain Song
03. 1%
04. Standing In The Shower, Thinking
05. Ted, Just Admit It...
06. Thank You Boys
07. Had A Dad
08. Idiots Rule
09. Bobhaus
10. Pigs In Zen
11. Ocean Size
12. Trip Away

Total Running Time: 46:35

This recording needed some work, which I approaced in a nondestructive way utilizing both CEP 2.1 and Steinberg
WaveLab 5. No hiss reduction or other NR was applied. I tweaked the dynamics, removed the worst clicks manually,
and patched two very brief silences with native audio. I then gave it an EQing to brighten the music, balanced the
channels, and enhanced the stereo profile. It's much more listenable now, though there were certainly some talkers
around our taper, ranging from highly amusing to extremely annoying.