Band: Janes Addiction
Date: April 28, 1991
Venue: Cumberland County Civic Center
Location: Portland, ME

Analog Audience Source: Unknown
Medium Stock Brands: 1 Maxell XL II C90 Cassette
Analog Sound Preservation: MAC > AC > Nakamichi BX300 (azimuth checked) > Apogee MiniMe > spdif > Microtrack II > 16/44 wav > AA3 for fades, cdwav for tracks, tlh for flac8, mp3tag for tags

Taped By: Todd Coffin
Transferred by: Mike Schuncke
Mastering By: Mike Schuncke

- ONE SET: -
d1t01: Up The Beach
d1t02: Whores
d1t03: No One's Leaving
d1t04: Ain't No Right
d1t05: Three Days
d1t06: Been Caught Stealing
d1t07: Trip Away
d1t08: Then She Did . . .
d1t09: Mountain Song
d1t10: Stop!
d1t11: Summertime Rolls
d1t12: Ocean Size


- No other eq, normalizing or processing performed

- judging by the wav forms my best guess is source was a mono auto-level cassette recorder

-tape flip in Then She Did . . . @ 5:42