jane's addiction
monday november 3, 1997 7:30pm
chicago, illinois
aragon ballroom

*also on the bill*
smashing pumpkins


perry ferrell-vocals
dave navaro-guitars
steven percy-drums

unknown equipment>cdr(2)>eac>cd wave>flac 8>you

janes was presented to me as copy of the master and came as 3 tracks over 2 discs.
any fade in/fade outs present were on the original discs. the tracks were cut using cd wave, otherwise nothing else has been done.

this was a great show. if you've been to the aragon, then you know the accoustics can be a bit
unforgiving. youll have no such worries here! perry was climbing the light towers, he was surfing, and at one point he gave the
mic to a member of the audience. the crowd was very much alive, singing along and fluid
in their motion. during a break, the band walked down the floor to a 2nd stage they had
set up towards the back of the aragon. flea and david were walking with their instraments and
no one bothered them. in fact, the crowd parted like the red sea.

01)ocean size
02)aint no right
03)then she did
05)three days
06)mountain song
07)summertime rolls
08)jane says

disc 2
01)perry rants
02)classic girl
03)chip away
04)ted, just admit it
05)i would for you

please enjoy the show. a big thanks to the taper, whoever it may be.