Date: Thu, 8 April 2010
Venue: New York Club
Town: Vilnius
Country: Lithuania

1. Mother Of Changes
2. Mother/Father (Swans)
3. Ascend
4. Within (Neurosis & Jarboe)
5. Transmogrification
6. undetected
7. Mother Of Changes

Total time: 51 min.

Jarboe – vocals
Fade Kainer – electronics
Joshua Lozano – guitar
Nick Palmirotto – bass
Erik Wunder – drums

Source: audience, beside the soundboard, about 10 meters from the stage,
equilateral triangle with the stacks

Approximate lineage: Tascam DR-1 [built-in mic, low gain, low cut at 40 Hz,
WAV 24-bit/48 kHz] > Amadeus Pro [sound panorama adjustment, EQ, normalizing, compression,
tracking, fade in/out] > iZotope RX (cleaning up some unwanted sounds) > Amadeus Pro (dithering/resampling to WAV 16-bit/44.1 kHz) > XLD (conversion to FLAC high compression)

Recorded and mastered by piktstevs
Artwork made by piktstevs, photo by Crazyte (

In spring of 2010 JARBOE, NACHTMYSTIUM, and INSWARM (containing live and studio members of
JARBOE’s band) hit the European roads. On the 8th of April they stopped in the capital of
Lithuania. It was the 2nd time JARBOE visited our country. In 2004 she performed
acoustically in one of the biggest churches in Vilnius, but unfortunately her set was too
short due to the technical problems. So though this concert in 2010 was stylistically
completely different, it was compensation in a way. But to be honest, some old fans of
JARBOE/SWANS expected a bit mellower set with a better sound. Nevertheless the combination
of these 3 metal sounding acts created united and very intense, ritualistic, dark
The recording of JARBOE set is complete and of average quality (6/10). It means that
listener gets quite authentic sound which was captured standing literally behind the
soundboard, about 10 meters from the stage and the stacks. And if any listener thinks that
JARBOE is singing somewhere outside the building, he can be sure what I heard the same
while being actually in the venue. Although a big part of the performance the witch made
her rituals among the small audience and it means about 4–5 meters from me. Thanks to her
and the tour staff for not recognizing me, since I wasn’t sure about their taping policy.
Not being a faithful follower of a JARBOE’s plenty musical inheritance I'm not sure if I
tracked and named the songs correctly. Hopefully someday everything will be fixed. Any
help is appreciated.

Jarboe (
"The venue here in Vilnius had a heavy grill barrier bolted into the floor. I handed the
microphone to someone in front of the stage and walked around the side into the audience
and placed roses into the barrier one by one. It was a comment about refusing to have the
barrier between the performer and the audience. I have been able to determine the energy
on different nights."

Nick Palmirotto, bassist:
"(...) the band moved on to Vilnius, Lithuania and a venue called New York. "A weird city - one street will be huge buildings of finance and business, whereas the next street over reminded us of favelas in Rio de Janeiro of the utmost poverty. The outside of New York seemed a bit sketchy, but the inside resembled a beautiful opera house dinner hall, with a great stage and sound system. We played an awesome show to a very large, seemingly unimpressed crowd while playing, who also ironically gave us quite the gargantuan applause when we finished the set. Later in the evening, we were told that eastern Europeans 'smile with their eyes’."

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25 December 2010