Arcade Fire

a Live and Direct FM radio broadcast by "Radio2Live", Radio2 RAI [second channel of italian national radio] from ‘Milano Summer Festival’, Ippodromo SNAI di San Siro, Milano, ITALY, on monday 17 July 2017, 21:29 hours [CET]

more or less the habitual set, but allegedly this is the FIRST time they play "electric blue", following the as well new song Chemistry. An interview with William Butler, recorded a couple of hours before broadcast, and transmitted just before the live show, is also included in this folder.
some occasional radio banters between tracks, mainly when band are adressing the crowd, but not obtrusive as usual

tracklist > running Time : 104'25"
01- intro
02- Everything Now
03- Rebellion (Lies)
04- Here Comes the Night Time
05- Chemistry
06- Electric Blue
07- Signs of Life
08- No Cars Go
09- The Suburbs
10- Ready to Start
11- Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
12- Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
13- Reflektor
14- Afterlife
15- Creature Comfort
16- Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
17- encore break and radiobanters
18- Wake Up
19- Neon Bible
20- radio outros

+ INTERVIEW with Will Butler (12'28")

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Il concerto della formazione indie rock canadese sarà in diretta dall'Ippodromo Snai - San Siro per il Milano Summer Festival in esclusiva per Radio2 il 17 luglio a partire dalle 21. Gli Arcade Fire, la formazione indie rock canadese capitanata da Win Butler e Régine tornano in Italia a tre anni dall’ultimo trionfale tour del precedente album “The Reflektor”.
Gli Arcade Fire hanno diffuso proprio in questi giorni il singolo “I Give You Power”, registrato con la vocalist soul Mavis Staples. Per volontà della formazione canadese tutti i proventi del brano andranno all’American Civil Liberties Union, organizzazione no-profit che sostiene la difesa dei diritti civili in America.

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