Arcade Fire
Madison Square Garden
New York, NY
September 12, 2017

Win Butler - vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass
Régine Chassagne - vocals, keyboards, keytar, drums, percussion
Richard Reed Parry - guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
William Butler - keyboards, bass, guitar, vocals
Tim Kingsbury - bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals
Jeremy Gara - drums
Sarah Neufeld - violin, keyboards, vocals
Tiwill Duprate – percussion
Stuart Bogie – saxophone, clarinet, flute, keyboards

featuring Preservation Hall Jazz Band:
Ben Jaffe - tuba
Charlie Gabriel - saxophone
Clint Maedgen - saxophone
Ronell Johnson - trombone
Walter Harris - percussion
Kyle Roussel - percussion
Branden Lewis - trumpet

Source: master audience recording
Taper: larryrulz
Location: section 116, row 13
Lineage: CA-14 (cardioid) > Sony M10 (24/44) > Audacity (amplify, tracking) > TLH > FLAC 6 > foobar2000 (FLAC tags)
Sound: mp3 samples in Comments section below

Length: 2:04:27

Notes: This was a really interesting concert for a newbie like me. I don't know much about this band, but they put on an amazing show using a theatre in the round presentation. The square shaped stage in the middle of the floor was initially set up like a boxing ring, with ropes around the perimeter. The band entered the ring being introduced by a PA announcer in a boxing match style. Win and Régine wandered around the stage throughout the show, while the most of the other band members pretty much stayed put in their respective positions. There was a small revolving platform in the middle of the stage which included a second drum kit for Régine and a microphone stand for Win. A very challenging video capture, but I managed to record the entire show on video. Here's a sample:

Their fans are pretty intense, and this show at the Garden was definitely a proud moment for them as well as the band. After the show, as we were streaming out of the Garden into the outdoor alcove on 7th Avenue, there was tremendous joy in the air with people singing the wordless chorus of Wake Up and Everything Now. Awesome night!
The recording is very good with no technical issues. I had one annoying clapper next to me, but only for a few brief moments during some of the songs. Tracking was difficult for me, as many songs blend together with spacey instrumentals. I did my best to separate them, but hard core fans will probably find errors in my separation points.

00 band entrance
01 Everything Now
02 Signs of Life
03 Rebellion (Lies)
04 Here Comes the Night Time
05 Haïti
06 No Cars Go
07 Electric Blue
08 Put Your Money on Me
09 Neon Bible
10 Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
11 The Suburbs - dedicated to the city of Houston
12 The Suburbs (Continued)
13 Ready to Start
14 Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
15 Reflektor
16 Afterlife
17 Infinite Content
18 Creature Comfort
19 Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)

20 We Don’t Deserve Love
21 Everything Now (Continued) - with Preservation Hall Jazz Band
22 Wake Up - with Preservation Hall Jazz Band
23 Wake Up Chorus/Stand By Me - with Preservation Hall Jazz Band (played from the floor in the crowd during band exit)