Foetus 1990-09-29 Atlanta, DVD audio rip

FOETUS in Excelsis Corruptus de Luxe - Live 1990-09-29 @ Masquerade, Atlanta, GA

AUD singlecam recording.
Video: 720*480, 29,97fps, ~3360 kbps, NTSC
Audio ripped, downsampled to CD friendly 44khz and tracked with Adobe Audition, flaced with Flac Frontend level 8.

Not the very best recording, but still worth the d/l.
There are some small breaks and noises.
In the source recording the audio may be recorded in Mono, but in the DVD there are stereo tracks, so here we have stereo tracks too.
Lossless source checked with TAU Analyzer.


01 Free James Brown
02 Fin
03 Hot Horse
04 English Faggot
05 The Faith Healer [Alex Harvey cover]
06 Honey, I'm Home
07 Butterfly Potion
08 I'll Meet You in Poland, Baby
09 Anything (Viva!)
10 Death Rape 2000
11 Puppet Dude [reworked Elton John cover]
12 Stumbo
13 The Dipsomaniac Kiss
14 Behemoth [TAD cover]
15 Death Rape 2000
16 Your Salvation

Time: 102.33

JG Thirlwell (Clint Ruin) - Vocals
Hahn Rowe - Violin, Guitar
David Quimet - Samplers, Trombone
Norman Westberg - Guitar
Algis Kizys - Bass
Vinny Signorelli - Drums

Artwork included.


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