1988-09-15 Oslo, Sardine's (Norway)

Source: SBD

14 songs, 88'53'' min.

C90 Cas (1st gen) > Nakamichi CR7E (azimuth aligned - dolby off) >
Edirol 04 (16/44) > HD > Goldwave (tracking & fades) > TLH (level 8, sba)

01 Asbestos
02 Fin
03 Don't Hide It Provide It
04 Honey I'm Home
05 Dipsomaniac Kiss
06 English Faggot
07 Grab Yo Ankles
08 Slut
09 Prayer For My Death
10 íChingada!
11 The Faith Healer
12 The Fudge Punch
13 Clothes Hoist
14 Anything (Viva!)

This is the complete show, except:
"Prayer For My Death" fades out at the very end, missing a few seconds of music.
"íChingada!" fades in after missing almost the first half of the song due to the tape flip.

Jim Thirlwell: vocals
Algis Kizys: bass
Ted Parsons: drums
Norman Westberg: guitars
Raymond 'Nainz' Watts: keyboards

Line-Up and show date confirmed here:

Cassette transfer by Hanwaker february 2009.
Tracked, flacced, tagged & seeded on DAD by surfling march 2009.