John Coltrane
The Birdland Box


Feb 16, 1962
FM source/ FLAC

J. Coltrane (ss,ts); eric dolphy (as, fl); McCoy Tyner (p); Jimmy Garrisson (b); Elvin Jones (d); Alan Grant (ann)

1. Introduction 0:59
2. The Inchworm 7:09
3. Mr PC 7:23
4. Introduction
5. My favourite Things 13:14

June 2, 1962
AUD source

John Coltrane (ss,ts); McCoy Tyner (p); Jimmy Garrison (b); Elvin Jones(d); Willima Crayton "Pee Wee" Marquette (ann);
Unknown (ann)

1. My favourite Things 14:01
2. Body and Soul 9:57


Feb 23, 1963
FM source

J. Coltrane (ts); McCoyTyner (p); Jimmy Garrison (b); Elvin Jones (d); Symphony Sid Torin (ann)

1. I want to talk about you 10:23
2. One Down, one up 14:44

March 2, 1963
FM source

John coltrane (ss,ts); Mc Coy Tyner (p); Jimmy Garrison (b); Elvin Jones (d); Alan Grant (ann)

1. Mr. PC 13:03
2. Introduction 0:34
3. My favourite Things (incomplete) 10:38

Original source is indicated but i don't know the whole lineage. I kept this on DIME more than one year ago, in FLAC format.