John Lee Hooker
Walrus Tavern
Seattle, WA.
July 1973

KOL-FM broadcast 8/5/73 FMMR (Stan Gutoski)> R (Sony PR-150-Taperpat). Burned to CD 12/07 (Revox A-77>Phillips 785). There are someinherent drops in reception in this recording.

Thanks again to Taperpat for providing this recording and to the original taper Stan G.
Enjoy the show, twofthrs

Set List:
1. route 66
2. have you ever loved a woman
3. i got my mojo workin'
4. jlh intro> you're gonna be sorry
5. boom, boom
6. i love you, i need you
7. boogie

The Walrus was a great little tavern near Green Lake that featured the touring Jazz & Blues acts of the early 70's (Larry Coryell, Johnny Otis, Buddy Guy) as well as some of the local bands such as Sledge Hammer (w/ Rich Dangel) and Jr. Cadillac.


a reseed
thnx to Taperpat & twofthrs
It all works