John Lee Hooker
The Stabilizer
West Lafayette, Indiana

Project ID - LMPP 206

Source: Audience Recording
Lineage: PZM Mics > D5 > MAC > DR-3 > EMU 1212M > 24/96 Wave > Wavelab 5 > plugins >
r8brain PRO > 16/44.1 wave > CD Wave > flac lvl 8 (TLH)

A **GEMS** Production

disc 1
Set One
d1t01. Intro
d1t02. Statesboro Blues
d1t03. JLHooker Intro / It Ain't Right
d1t04. Crawling King Snake
d1t05. Boom Boom
d1t06. Try Me
d1t07. One Bourbon,One Scotch,One Beer
d1t08. Boogie Chillen

disc 2
Set Two
d2t01. JLHooker Intro/ It Ain't Right
d2t02. It Serves You Right To Suffer
d2t03. I Don't Know
d2t04. Worried Life
d2t5. Boogie Chillen NO.2
d2t06. Crowd


- Huge thanks to Greg (AKA Garageboy) for another fine specimen that was previously uncirculated.
This was a really nice pull. EQ'ed to taste, plugins to flavor, all tape flips crossfaded. Enjoy

-Transfer and edit by Bgreen

- QC/tracking/setlist by Evan K. (AKA spaceboy)

This recording was a joint effort between Mike Rice (RIP) and me. The Stabilizer was a college bar in West Lafayette, Indiana, home to Purdue University. I used to go to Purdue when I wasn't on Dead tour, and I managed to not graduate with high distinction. I also lived about two blocks away from The Stabilizer. A lot of Blues artists from Chicago would come down and play in West Lafayette, it was just a short two hour drive down Interstate 65. When they came down, they usually played at the Stabilizer. I only remember John Lee Hooker coming down this one time, so we got together the taping gear and went to the club early. We knew the owner of the place (I can't remember his name anymore) and he let us in early to place the mics before the crowd rolled in. The stage was very small, as was the room. The stabilizer was just another beer-soaked college bar that smelled bad and rocked hard. The backstage area was little more than a hallway to the back door. I managed to hang with the artists a lot as I usually brought a little local "flavor" to the place. That usually happened with the younger cats that prowled around the place. John Lee Hooker was old school, and his entourage let me know that he was not interested in anything but getting on with the show. This guy is the real thing. We didn't ask them if we could tape the show, and until now, not many folks really knew we did. We made a couple of 1st gen analog tapes from the master, but that is it. Many thanks to BGreen for the transfer/mastering work. There will likely be many more garage tapes to come.....

Greg Holtz
July 1, 2008 recollection