Hooker, John Lee 1988-04-12, Syracuse, NY, Lost Horizon

This is another request but with this show most of the loud talking crowd stayed home. This is a nice recording of the King of Boogie, John Lee Hooker. I am really glad I dug this show out because I had forgotten what a great show it was. John Lee Hooker sounds great, he can growls and moan with the best of them. Viola Cupp sings the first few songs. The band contains the great Kenny Baker, Deacon Jones and Mike Osbourne. Guessed on some song titles and would welcome any corrections. Always like to hear comments. Enjoy, share but don't sell.

Disc 1

01. Good Morning Blues
02. Cold, Cold Feeling
03. Man's Size Job
04. Ain't Gonna Try No More
05. She Looked Back And Waved Her Hand
06. I Didn't Know
07. Laureen
08. Worried Life Blues
09. Boom, Boom, Boom
10. I'm In The Mood
11. Mabel

Disc 2

01. Crawlin' King Snake
02. It Ain't Right
03. The Boogie (tape Flip)
04. The Boogie (Cont.)
05. Encore: The Boogie