John Lee Hooker & The Coast To Coast Blues Band
July 1, 1989 (1989-07-01)
Marin County Fair - Blues Festival
Marin County Fairgrounds
San Rafael, California, USA

The addition of Mark Naftalin and Charlie Musselwhite on more than half the set makes this performance extra special! Excellent soundboard audio from VHS HiFi masters. I actually have two different masters of this show. One has the video signal with the audio track being the camera's built-in microphone audio, which is extremely overloaded. The other VHS tape has the soundboard audio feed without the video. I'll share the synched soundboard audio with the video soon but I could really use a more accurate setlist to better author the DVD. so... here's a Flac file set first. Thanks in advance for any setlist assistance.

01 [02:16] announcer intro
02 [03:17] So Long
03 [03:17] Mabel
04 [05:37] Sugar Mama
05 [04:08] Boom Boom
06 [04:05] I Didn't Know
07 [01:43] talk (Mark Naftalin and Charlie Musselwhite intros)
08 [08:07] Crawlin' Kingsnake
09 [08:06] Shake It Baby
10 [08:03] Face To Face
11 [16:08] unknown titled Boogie
12 [03:28] final thanks, announcements and applause
total - 68:15

John Lee Hooker & The Coast To Coast Blues Band:
Melvyn "Deacon" Jones - keyboards
Jimmy The Kid - bass
Mike Osborn - guitar
Chicago Rich - guitar
Brother Terry - guitar
Bowen Brown - drums
Sister Jill - sax
Doctor Funkenstein - sax
plus from track 8 to the end of the show has Mark Naftalin on keyboards instead of Deacon Jones and also has Charlie Musselwhite on harp.

Source: Soundboard feed > unknown model recorder > Fuji Super HG 120 VHS HiFi master.
Transfer: Sony WV-DR7 > Sony DVMC-DA2 Media Converter > Final Cut Pro > AIFF 48 kbps file export > Pro Tools (DC offset correction, normalization, minor clicks manually repaired seamlessly, fades and down-sampling to 44.1 kbps).
Enjoy and SHARE!