John Lee Hooker And The Coast To Coast Blues Band
North Sea Jazz Festival
Statenhal, Congresgebouw
Den Haag, The Netherlands
Probable date 12 July 1991

I still have a lot of old analogue tapes from the old days when I used to record radio shows broadcasting live concerts or studio shows/sessions.
Since I have an Edirol R09 now, I am trying to transfer these analogue tapes and recordings to digital and upload them on Dime.

Lineage: Analogue tape > Stand alone tape player > Edirol R09 (44,1 Hz/16 Bit Wave) > NERO Wave Editor 4 > Flac

I didn't do anything to improve the recording, apart from using NERO Wave Editor to split the recording in several tracks.

I'm not completely sure about the year of the show, since JLH played the NSJ Festival both in 1990 and 1991. However, the date of this show is most probably 12 July 1991, as the DJ says in the intro that JLH is 73 years old. As he was born on 22 August 1917, he was 73 on the date of 12 July 1991. In July 1990 he would have been "only" 72.

These are the tracks:

01. DJ Intro
02. In The Mood
03. Crawlin' Kingsnake
04. Boom Boom
05. Serves Me Right To Suffer
06. The Healer
07. Boogie Chillin'/Boogie Jam
08. DJ Outro