Azure Ray 2009-07-16
Great American Music Hall, SF CA
Schoeps cmc34->aeta psp3->r-09 (48Khz, 24bit)
->cool edit pro 2.1 (fades, hardlimiting applause, depop)->cdwav->flac

01. Sleep
02. Safe and Sound
03. Drinks we drank last Night
04. Rise
05. We are Mice
06. Beautiful things can come from the Dark
07. These White lights will Bend to Make Blue
08. Don't make a Sound
09. Displaced
10. Hold on Love

Encore Break

11. Blackout Curtain [Now it's Overhead]*
12. 37 Suns(?) (new)
13. Unnanounced(?) (new)
14. November

*Vocals by Andy LeMasters