artist: Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds
venue: Madame Moustache et son Freakshow, Brussels (Belgium)
date: 2013-11-20 (20th of November 2013)

line-up: Kid Congo (vocals/guitar)/ Kiki Solis (bass)/ Mark Cisneros (guitar) and Ron Miller (drums)

total time: 60mins

01.Conjure Man
02.She's Like Heroin To Me [Gun Club]
03.Killer Diller
04.Su Su
05.Dance Me Swamply
06.Loud And Proud
07.Can't Find My Mind [The Cramps]
08.The Rad Lord Returns
09.Lose Your Mind
10.Haunted Head
11.Rare As The Yeti
12.Floor Length Hair
13.Kris Kringle JuJu
14.Jack On Fire [Gun Club] intro
16.I Don't Like

notes: "Now that's rock 'n' roll" I overheard someone say whilst leaving the bar into the cold wet, windy and snowy night and so right he was. Kid really found himself a great bunch of musicians with whom he's making the coolest music in a long time. They kicked off their European tour a this utterly cool place ->

About 150 people attended.

recording equipment: Core Sound Binaurals >Battery Box >Edirol R-05
processing: r8Brain (96kHZ/24bit > 44,1kHz/16bit) >Cool Edit Pro (some edits) >CD Wave Editor 1.98 (track splitting) >TLH 2.4.1 (flac - level 8 / torrent creation)